Sim and Avi: a unique proposal at Scala Contarini del Bovolo

Among all the magnificent buildings in this enchanting city, there is one very special hidden treasure: Scala Contarini del Bovolo.

It’s an architectural wonder with it’s most impressive spiral staircase, the only one in Venice, the BOVOLO, is a rare gem.  It has been closed for many years and after a long, difficult restoration period, just reopened to visitors.

As soon as it was made available to the public, I immediately thought…”This is what SIM is looking for to propose to his treasure, AVI”.

“The proposal has to be intimate, private and with a spectacular view” said Sim, when we first Skype and began our months of planning.

On August 12th, 2016, the Scala del Bovolo was closed to visitors at 7 pm, in order to allow ONLY one special couple in.Before the proposal I met SIM at the beautiful Hotel Palazzo Barocci where he gave me the ring to bring at the top of the BOVOLO stairs.

My wonderful team, Dogaressa Flowers with the talented Gabriele & Angelo Bisetto were already preparing this most romantic setting with Avi’s favorite flowers, red roses.

Looking closely, you can see that the bouquet was filled with exquisite strawberries…and appeared so delicious!

When they walked in, Avi didn’t suspect anything, of course!

It seemed like they were on a normal tour to visit a very interesting place.

At the top of the stairs my extraordinary photographers Letizia & Viola (L&V Photography) were ready to immortalize the moment.The couple’s favorite song “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran was playing as Avi stepped on the rose petals strewn across the floor in the middle of the tower…At that very moment, Sim got down on one knee.

This was an amazing moment and Avi was speechless!

Sim later shared with us, how surprised and amazed he was by the very beautiful, impressive and absolutely romantic scene we had created.

I really wanted  this proposal to be SPECIAL.

It was the first time that someone proposed in the BOVOLO, my favorite place of this magical city.

Once back in the garden’s entrance, a celebratory drink and fruits were elegantly showcased on the top of a 14th century well!

I have to confess, this was probably the most exciting proposal I have ever planned. To have the opportunity to be the first to use this architectural jewel for a moment so precious and for a couple so nice, made me especially proud of my job.



 “People fall in love in mysterious ways… Maybe just the touch of a hand … Maybe it’s all part of a plan ….

Maybe we found love right where we are! ”  ED SHEERAN

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