My wedding in Tuscany was everything I ever wanted it to be! Ema was a god-send over these last couple of years with the venue and vendors (especially during COVID – she really came through and solidified everything for us to make sure we had no surprises). She took our budget very seriously and worked out deals with vendors so that we weren’t overpaying for something that we didn’t need or use. I had a lot of opinions about what I liked and didn’t like and she took them graciously and made sure that our visions aligned for the big weekend. She helped with coordinating the welcome party BBQ and the brunch so that every one of our guests told us it was their favorite wedding they’ve ever been to. All of the little details made the weekend more magical and I was on cloud the whole weekend. My husband and I were concerned about the food and the band (those were our 2 most important things to spend money on) and EMA secured one of the best wedding bands I’ve ever seen. Seriously – for someone who works in the arts I’m very judgmental about singers/live music and it knocked me out of the park. We basically had the Italian version of Lady Gaga singing down the house at our wedding/cocktail area. Everyone was astounded she was so amazing and the band was flawless. They played with the crowd, gave the people what they want and got people up dancing IMMEDIATELY after our first course. And the food vendor we worked with was delicious. They took care of our every need and my every wish – from the staff to the taste of the food, everything was superb. I seriously cannot recommend Ema enough – she made the wedding of my dreams come true (and i’m kind of hard to please 🙂

Stacey & Joe

I just want to thank you for the bottom of my heart for yesterday.
You were the most unbelievable person to work with and truly made my dream come to life.
You are an absolute professional and truly fantastic at what you do. I am so incredibly lucky that I found you on social media…
It was truly a blessing! Your entire team was incredible and all four of us had the time of our lives.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. One million times over.   Stacey
You are truly an amazing person and incredible at what you do. Still on a high from that day. Thank you for making the magic happen.  Joe

Renée & Mark

Ema was the key to make sure all the moving parts on our wedding day were seamless. From the invitations to the day after the wedding boat tour,
Ema was a huge element in making sure everything was running smoothly and a voice for us in Italy when we couldn’t be there, as we were planning 100% remotely from the United States. She helped finding vendors, such as the makeup artist, photographers, rental company, music and florist, who were all an amazing additions to our day. Each vendor was very accommodating, understanding our desired overall look and feel for the day. The venue, the beautiful location, the planning that went behind it all, our wedding was a success is so many ways. A day we will talk about forever!!

Lacey & Brian

It is hard to find proper words to describe how wonderful it is to work with Ema. Perfection, dream maker and wedding guru come to mind 🙂 Being able to have Ema plan our Lake Como elopement was the greatest gift and best experience from start to finish. Her vision for the entire day exceeded our wildest dreams. She thought of every detail to make our day special. In addition to architecting the perfect ceremony and celebration, she knows all the best vendors and spares no effort to bring the most talented team together to execute her plan. I would recommend Ema for any celebration big or small. You will be in expert hands and actually get to enjoy your wedding day stress free.
XOXOXO Thank you Ema for beautiful memories that will last a lifetime

Jaclyn & Mark

Thanks to Ema, my wedding day was the best day of my life! My husband and I decided to elope in Venice and systematically researched wedding planners. Ema was the clear choice for us. First, her overall aesthetic and taste are impeccable – absolutely second to none. She clearly puts so much thought into every last detail (even things I never would’ve thought of, but really appreciate). It was just perfect! Our expectations were exceeded in every way imaginable. Ema genuinely cares about the details as much if not more than we did! She knew that photos were of the utmost importance to me, so lined-up the perfect ladies for hair/make-up and photographs based on the look I wanted and how I wanted to remember my wedding. What was also so special is that Ema was even able to perform an interfaith ceremony for us (Catholic-Jewish) and it was absolutely perfect. She really cares about her clients and clearly wants to make it special for them. As I said in the beginning, Ema exceeded even our highest expectations and we will be forever grateful for all of her hard work in creating our fairy-tale wedding. Probably the most telling thing was when my husband said (before we even made it to the wedding venue), “I don’t think we paid enough for this!” It really was THAT amazing! There’s really no amount that we could pay to show our gratitude for everything! Thank you, Ema! We love you!

Masika & Cameron

From the moment I first met Ema on Skype we instantly clicked. She had the exact same thoughts on how I wanted my wedding to be designed and executed. I have photographed weddings for 6 years now so I have seen it all and had a particular vision of how I wanted my wedding day to be. Ema brought that vision to life. I had originally tried to plan the wedding myself as it is something I could do very easily in my home country, but in Italy it was not easy. It was difficult to get responses from vendors and I was having trouble finding the rentals I needed. Once I was put in contact with Ema she knew exactly who to contact and set up everything we needed for our wedding day. On the big day she told me not to worry about a thing and did absolutely everything. I was able to get ready stress free knowing she was in charge. When I walked out on to the terrace to see the setup it was everything I had dreamed of, she even had surprises for me that I didn’t think could fit into the budget I had given her! I couldn’t have asked for a better person to have worked with for a day I had been waiting so long for. Ema was also our officiant and wrote a personalized ceremony for us. It was very beautiful. Thank you Ema for everything, you are an amazing planner with phenomenal attention to detail!!

Nesa & Michael

Anyone looking for a wedding planner…look no further than EMA!!!! She is caring, thoughtful, meticulous, detailed, a perfectionist…everything you could possibly want in a WP! She loves what she does and it shows in her work. She wants your special day to be just as special…if not more so…than the couple themselves! It is her passion and you can relax in knowing that she has control over your wedding. She not only gave me the wedding of my dreams, but she created the masterplan behind it, with the best team ever (photographers, florist, hair & makeup, DJ, etc.) I could not thank her enough. Best decision I made for my wedding, besides marrying my husband of course… 😉

Jenna & Fernando

Dear Ema,
I never imagined it could be so wonderful. I never conceived that I would have fun, laugh and cry, and celebrate all night at my daughter’s wedding. I was overjoyed seeing Jenna and Fern and all the family and friends having a blast and truly enjoying themselves at the amazing event you put together. You figured out what Jenna and Fern wanted and made it all happen and then made it even more special in so many special ways that they didn’t even know they would like. You translated their dream into reality and made it looked effortless—that is a testament to your experience and skill.
And the VIDEO!!!! I am speechless. I don’t have words to thank you enough,
Susan – mother of the bride

Meagan & David

Ema, … as things begin to settle down we owe you the absolute biggest THANK YOU.David and I don’t even know where to start as every little detail from the time we arrived in Venice was so perfect. What a memory you gave us. Truly something dreams are made of and something we will never forget. We couldn’t think of a better way for us to have started our lives together. Our families were so impressed with the event you put together for us and we were both blown away. I knew that you would “surprise” us and we truly could not have asked for anything more. You and Irene were such a joy to have with us on our special day, It felt like we had more family around with you both there. Thank you for the most perfect wedding day. We will never forget what you did for us. All of our love, Meagan and David D’Allesandro

Zayra & Louis

All I can say is I want to get married in Venice with Ema Venice Wedding every year!!!! I want to do it again!! It was much more than what we we expected. Our wedding was like a dream, a movie, it was just perfect. Ema really loves what she does, she is so passionate about it, I think she thinks every wedding is her wedding 😉 and we looooove her! I totally trusted her with everything and let her do her thing, it was the best decision for such an important day in our lives. I highly recommend working with her and her team 1000%!!

Graham & Xija

Ema is a true professional, from day one she started the planning process much of which was questioning Xijia and I extensively to understand what our dream for an ideal wedding was. In this process we very quickly realised Ema had so much experience to offer us that although we wanted our dream, by giving Ema a wide brief we knew she would deliver something wonderful. We are so glad we gave Ema a creative freedom for what she came up with exceeded our expectations beyond belief, Ema created an experience that will stay with us for the rest of our lives endorsed by the many guests who attended many of which stated it was simply the very best wedding they have ever been to. Xijia and I did not want a typical wedding yet Ema managed to create a life experience whilst subtly delivering all the aspects of what a wedding should. Every moment of each day was organised like a military operation yet you would have never have known, for it was relaxed and flowing.. every component of our wedding was of the very highest standard, from the locations, food, service, transportations, entertainment and all the dressing, every single area had clearly had hours of careful thought and attention paid to it. If anyone is considering marrying, proposing or having a blessing in Venice and want something extra special then you would be mad not to employ the services of Venice Weddings and Ema and her team. If you want the very best than you have found them, but a word of advice, allow them the freedom to create, you will not be disappointed!!

Lauren & Joshua

Ema, I do not know how to convey the gratitude I have for you! You made my vision for the most important day of my life, come to life! I was so nervous (which you know). Planning the day you have dreamed of since you were a little girl is hard enough, then add having it on another continent and not being able to see anything in person until 2 days before, lets just say I’m lucky Josh still wanted to marry me with the stress I was feeling. None of that fazed you…you re-assured me every step of the way that it would be perfect and it was! Through all of my craziness, you never once were flustered. You kept me inline, and managed my expectations. There is nothing worse than someone who just says “yes, yes, yes” when they know that it can’t be done. You kept everything in perspective. You said “No, that won’t work” or “Let’s try this” when and idea seemed unrealistic, and for that I thank you! You did not over look even the smallest detail. The flowers for the chuppah were perfect, the table was amazing!!! EVERYTHING!!! It was a fairy tale. I felt like a princess! You were attentive and always nearby when I needed you! You went the extra mile to ensure that the welcome reception went well, that the rehearsal dinner went as planned and that should anything be wrong that it was handled and I was none the wiser. Your vendors were great! Eva did such a fantastic job, I felt beautiful and how I always pictured myself looking as a bride. I can not tell you how many people said that it was absolutely gorgeous!! Now even though there were only 36 people there…there were 140 people back home that watched the live-stream of our wedding!!! All I have heard was that it was the most beautiful wedding that they have ever been to, and Ema that is thanks to you. Your smile and cheerful demeanor have become ingrained in my memory. You have become not just my wedding planner, but my friend. All the best, and all my love!!! Mr. and Mrs. Josh and Lauren Rotenberg

Maya & Augusto

Maya & Augusto from Pasadina (CA) – May 2015 Dearest Ema, I wanted to thank you so much for organizing such a special, beautiful, and genuine ceremony for us. We loved every detail and we felt like celebrities with all the attention! I want to send a special thank you to your team: Eva did an AMAZING job; she recreated the exact look that I wanted, she was super professional, she helped me get ready and, well, she just made me look prettier than I thought I ever could. My mom said that I looked like a movie star, and of course she’s not objective 🙂 but I truly felt like one being made up by a true pro like Eva. I can’t say enough good things about her and her work. Laure was also SUPERB, making me feel as at ease as was possible considering that I was nervous and I’m usually self-conscious about getting my picture taken. All the photos are GORGEOUS! She did a truly amazing job and we appreciate all the time, patience, and overall hard work that she put into making it possible for us to have lovely pictures of one of the best days of our lives. I don’t know how else to put it, and it might sound strange, but we felt that Laure was taking our pictures as if we and our wedding were personally important for her. Besides, she was so sweet, and, as Eva, super professional. I didn’t get to meet your team of florists, but what you and them did was so BEAUTIFUL. That was exactly the bouquet I wanted and exactly “my colors”. The violin player was also wonderful, and I was so happy to hear the song that I like so much. We both feel that we were so fortunate to find you in the big, wide world of the internet. You never treated us like just “clients” and that makes such a difference. We’ll never forget you and everything you did for us. I personally thank you for your patience with me and my skepticism and fears. Please receive our most heartfelt thanks, and our best wishes for you and the wonderful work that you do.

Eileen & Patrick

Dear Ema, thank you, thank you, thank you for making our wedding day absolutely PERFECT. We could not have asked for a more romantic and amazing day. You were so wonderful from the very first email. We felt your enthusiasm and excitement and that made us even more thrilled to be celebrating our marriage in beautiful Venice. We only gave you 1 week (ahh!) to help plan our day and your certainly delivered! We really appreciate you always getting back to us so quickly through email, for making so well with us given the six hour time difference (!) and for taking the time to Skype with us you made us feel so comfortable and we felt confident you were the perfect WP for the most important day in our lives!