LIFE OF A TRAVELING DOG… With a Wedding Planner MOM!!

Hi everyone!
This is OLIVER, the most adorable shitzu toy and the blond here is my Mom… Emma!

I was born in Los Angeles, where she was staying at that time. When she came to my home, she wanted to pick up my sister and I said “no way!!” YOU are my mom!!
I literally jumped on her and started kissing her. It worked out!
She immediately told me that I would have always be wearing a bow to remind me that she wanted a girl… I said, whatever!!

So, we started our adventure in 2018.

I was only 5 months the first time I flew from LA to New York to meet the sweetest person on earth, NANA ❤️
Then I had my very first long flight to ITALY!
I realized pretty soon that there was a sort of chaos in Mommy’s life.
We arrived in Venice, but the man who was supposed to be my daddy didn’t want both of us, so we left again, and we arrived in Florida.
I saw mommy crying so many times… and I tried to do my best to comfort her with many kisses… 💋Despite the tears, she was always nice and kind with all the people who called her and facetime with her. I sneaked peek all the time to say WOOF HI! and I understood they needed Mommy to plan their weddings… How wonderful!!🎈
I saw her working hours and hours to find the perfect venues, and vendors and flowers. Not to mention the amazing photographers who always took some good shots of me!
The best thing is that I was always able to stay next to her.
That winter in sunny Florida flew in a blink of an eye and we were soon on that long flight to Italy.

We went to live in a very nice place in Lido di Venezia, where mommy had lots of friends and Nana came visit us!!

My favorite activity there is to explore places from the basket of the bike! I even picked up flowers for a girl who has been proposed to… yes, mommy plans also PROPOSALS!

What a summer!!!
I didn’t know I had to travel everywhere in Italy.
We went to Tuscany, to Lake Como, to Amalfi Coast… Always together.
I learned to be a very good boy: I never bother, I just watch mommy working and I stay by her side.

The Summer passed too fast, and we came back to Florida.
Something must have gone wrong though…
We didn’t go anywhere. People were different, everybody stayed home, everybody was sad for something called Covid.
Mom was so worried. That was the only summer we didn’t go to Italy.
It was not fun.
Mommy was not well and I couldn’t do anything for her.

That winter we went to Pennsylvania and I wore warm cloth for the first time! Mommy planned a very small wedding there… and it was just beautiful.

After some time, which felt like forever, we finally went back to our Happy Place in Venice.
SO much fun!
We started traveling again and we went to Rome, where I received my first VIP treatment from the Hotel Rome Cavalieri;

Then we went to a beautiful villa on Lake COMO where I helped the groom to write his wedding vows and I snuck under the bride’s gown… It’s my job to support mommy’s work!

I have a lot of skills: I play piano, I advertise for cool shops , I am easily transportable into a bag…

Mommy has the best clients now!!
We recently flew to New York on a private jet… She is always busy between computer and phone, but I am there to help 🐶😀

We are almost ready to go back to Italy!
Next destinations will be CAPRI, AMALFI COAST, TUSCANY, LAKE COMO and of course, VENICE!
Have you ever been there? In case you want a ring bearer, let me tell you, I have my own tux!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,


OLIVER, the travelling dog!

Thank you for my pictures to:
@juliepaisley @sheachristinephoto @danicowanphotography @orsolyaphotography @elenabaranchuk_ph