Atelier Sul Mare: the perfect location for your Art Wedding in Sicily!

I found out where BEAUTY lives…and I mean TRUE BEAUTY…

There are no photos or videos that can give you a sense of what I am trying to explain because this is a place TO EXPERIENCE…Nestled in the north of Sicily, ATELIER SUL MARE is a one- of-a-kind, simply unique Art Hotel.

It is like SLEEPING AND LIVING in a work of art and awakening in a poem…

I personally experienced the stunning view of the seaside from my SPECTACULAR room. The colors you see are only found in Sicily!!

This is why I immediately realized that ATELIER SUL MARE is the MOST PERFECT place to have an Art Wedding.If you are a Fine Art lover and you want an unconventional and exquisitely beautiful Italian wedding, this is a must!

Think about a  Hotel-Museum filled with contemporary art just in front of the most wonderful sea of Sicily…

All the rooms have been designed by famous international artists, creating emotional spaces, where you can touch your spirituality and enjoy the beauty at it’s fullest  while  living in a  magical and exclusive atmosphere.

Antonio Presti, famous Italian art sponsor and creator of Fiumara d’Arte (the biggest open air park of sculptures in Europe), is the author of this unique reality where landscape, culture and art are merged together to involve the guests and visitors into this living museum: “live the dream, live the art”.

JOYOUS EMOTION is the key to  the Atelier sul Mare.

JOYOUS EMOTION is the essence of my job of Wedding Planner.Antonio & I decided that we wanted to join our talents and expertise to offer you the most amazing wedding opportunity. The wedding you cannot even imagine you might have.

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