Freddy & Sean – Gay Wedding in Venice by Ema – Venice Weddings

With Sean & Freddy was love at first sight…. MY LOVE for them!!!

They have been my first gay wedding and I think they have been (and still are) my lucky charm.

I have been blessed by meeting them and I had the honor and privilege to script and officiate at their wedding ceremony. 

I had the chance of meeting Freddy, Broadway professional dancer, in California when I was visiting my mother. I saw him performing in a musical at the Sacramento theater. It was fate !

Freddy & Sean had just bought their own house upstate NY and they were ready to consolidate their relationship and build a family together. For their dream wedding in Venice they wanted just the immediate family, both mothers and fathers and their mutual best friend Kristen. 

They arrived in Venice in a hot day of August and we spent the afternoon & evening touring the city for their special photo shooting .

The following evening, at sunset time, the setting for this very intimate ceremony was prepared on a private terrace of a suite at the Europa Regina hotel.

I chose for them purple orchids and a very simple arrangement; the romantic view was all that we needed . Venice itself was the perfect frame of their unique moment. 

The mothers walked the guys down the short aisle, while a violin played Pachelbel’s Canon in D major. 

I was deeply touched while reading their ceremony.

“Hard to imagine what can be said about LOVE to these particular two people on their wedding day, who have already loved each other with such commitment and such passion for so long. 

What can I say about LOVE to two people who have loved each other so much, that you can see it in their eyes every moment of the day, who love each other so resolutely that it’s in every breath….

Sean and Freddy are truly soul mate who perfectly complement each other; Sean helps Freddy to keep him grounded while Freddy helps Sean to realize that you have to be who you are and enjoy your life”

When they exchanged their personal vows we were all in tears!

After I pronounced them united in marriage, they wanted to add the last reading: the most beautiful love letter I have ever heard. It was their special THANKS for the parents who always support them and love them unconditionally.

The last day of their stay in Venice was bank holiday “Ferragosto” which is the day of Summer’s celebration with fireworks at the Lido of Venice, on the beach.  No need to say that it was a splendid occasion to celebrate altogether this most wonderful, caring, loving group of people.  With a water taxi ride we reached the beach where Sean & Freddy had the last amazing photos . They were the image of LOVE & HAPPINESS. I had previously booked the best spot of the restaurant Pachuka, with a gazebo on the sands where we enjoyed a delicious fish dinner. Bare feet, laughters, hugs and lots, lots of love…

I shared this last day with them as a friend and not as a wedding planner and I enjoyed every single minute spent with them <3 .

It was hard to say good bye to this guys.  They entered my life and  my heart with a such an immediate power and the beauty of their love enriched my personal and professional life. 

I knew that Sean, Freddy and Kristen were special people and this recent photo witnesses how special they became.

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