Graham & Xijia Wedding by Ema – Venice Weddings

The Venice wedding of Graham and Xijia Cornhill was one filled with love, laced with elegance and class: I would describe it as a “Wedding Planner’s dream”.

Their fairytale would begins on separate continents as Graham is originally from the UK and Xijia from China. The two would meet during a business trip. Without knowing it at the time, that business trip would come to be the beginning of a lifelong friendship and future for this lovely couple. For the following seven years their business relationship would grow through email exchanges and phone calls. Fate would have it that Xijia would travel to the United kingdom to obtain her Masters Degree in International Business and Marketing. After years of cultivating their own personal success the couple made the mutual decision to expand their friendship and started officially dating. Three months later, after realizing what he had been missing all those years, Graham proposed to an accepting Xijia.

As the couple started to plan their nuptials they loved the idea of having a destination wedding and what better location than the ‘city of love’, Venice. Knowing that they did not want a traditional weddings, they were in search for a wedding planner that could execute their sophisticated and unique vision. Graham and Xijia were soon after on a plane to Italy to meet me, to ensure I was someone they could work with in creating their dream wedding. We found each other, and I’m now proud to show you the results of my work.

The couple decided to put their complete trust in my creative ability. “We knew by giving Ema a wide brief she would deliver something wonderful”, says Graham. And I have to say I was incredibly honored to have the creative freedom to generate something unique and exceptional for these two very special people.

Soon the weekend that the couple had anxiously awaited had arrived. The couple graciously flew 42 guest from around the world to Venice for a three day event. Me and my team had planned a lavish yet intimate “Welcome Cocktail” for all to enjoy and mingle. As guest entered the lucious gardens of Palazzo Bernardo they were greeted by luminously lit performers covered in white. Graham expressed that walking in “felt like a dream”.

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