A proposal inspired by the film “Love Actually” – Ian & Jade

I probably watched too many comedy films in my life…and some just made their indelible mark!

When IAN contacted me, wanting to propose to Jade in the most romantic and magical way … my mind immediately went BOOM!……Love Actually! MY FAVORITE ROMANTIC COMEDY!

You can watch the video here…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAvImR-P7eY

Ian & Jade are the proud parents of two beautiful princesses, 5 years old  Luscia Jade and Liveae Reign, 13 months. But, the best is yet to come, as Jade is pregnant with their baby boy and September 19th was also her birthday! What a better birthday gift! It was definitely the time to propose in the most unforgettable way!  

I had only 2 weeks to prepare the magic of the film “Love Actually”  but this was easy because Ian gave me free reign, trusting my expertise and judgement.

I sent a private driver to the airport to pick the loving couple up and take them, by luxury water taxi, to my favourite hotel in Venice, the utterly charming boutique-hotel, Ca Maria Adele.

With its poetic atmosphere, there is no better place  for a perfect romantic adventure!Jade & Ian were greeted with a welcoming drink in the beautiful lounge decorated by Seletti.

For them I had specifically chosen the Sala del Dodge because it connects to the  private living room with piano.

5:30,  IAN left  his room.  Eva Meneghelli (video), together with Francesco Bognin (photo), directed him to the right position in front of the camera. We didn’t want to miss a thing!!

I knocked on the door and the pianist started playing “Portuguese Love Theme”…

Jade opened the bedroom door and IAN was there…Waiting in the candle lit luxury room, with all the cards he wrote  to let her read his love…

knew THIS was going to be epic…I was hidden behind a curtain trying to catch the last and best part of the proposal…

Jade, it took me 11 years, 2 beautiful princesses, and one baby boy you are bearing now…..

to ask you…

Will you marry me?And then he got down on his knee and offered Jade a gorgeous Cartier engagement ring!!

The lovely Jade was ecstatic…How many beautiful tears of joy!!!

They needed a moment of privacy and we left them with glasses of sparkling Prosecco on the exquisite terrace of Ca Maria Adele.

Francesco Bognin enjoyed so much shooting this gorgeous couple!!!

And of course after 11 years…

Their arrival at Cafè Centrale restaurant was very impressive. The gondola docked in the outdoor space of the restaurant which I had reserved just for the 2 of them.

Here was the scenario for the end of the film and the beginning of their engagement dinner! 

Gabriele Bisetto, owner of La Dogaressa Flowers took personal care of the setting. We decided on bohemian style and everything was filled with dreamcatchers, silk stripes hanging from the chandelier, and soft pink feathers all around…

We wanted to have Jade feel that she walked into a fairytale for that night and we did it! Lights, flowers and fabrics completely transformed the space. It now  looked like a totally new, magic, unknown place with the unique view of a small Venetian Canal.

There was one more surprise for Jade…Don’t forget, it was also her birthday!!  On the table, there was a small package to open… and WWOOOWW!!!! It was a marvelous Cartier bracelet matching her stunning ring!!  

Magic happens when the souls are in tune. Their souls were absolutely connected and mine was with theirs…

While I am putting together this blog post, I am once again, listening to the soundtrack of the film and  I feel so  blessed to have worked with people like this,  to help them and make a fairy tale come true!

I wish to give you a special mention of who Ian Parsons is here: not only is JADE’S Prince Charming and a wonderful father, IAN is also a modern hero who helps deprived children as his own PERSONAL mission. 

God bless him!!

Flowers: La Dogaressa Flowers

Photo: Francesco Bognin

Video: Eva Meneghelli (watch HERE)

Engagement Ring: Cartier

Design & Planning: Ema Giangreco

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