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When I first received the email from Amy looking for a 2 people LGBT wedding ceremony in order to exchange their personal vows I though: “such a wonderful elopement”!

LGBT Wedding

Her partner Nicole, who everybody calls Cole, replied to my request of information about the 2 of them with a wonderful story who made me immediately understand their deep love. 

When I informed them that I live just in front of the hotel they had chosen, Cole wrote to me ” We were both so excited to hear that you live across the canal from our hotel and agree it is a sign that you are the perfect WP for our wedding!  We definitely want to confirm with you.” 

Amy & Cole  have been together for 4 years and engaged for 2 years, just waiting for the perfect time. Before they  even met each other, they both wanted to have a honeymoon in Italy, and Amy loves the water, so this idea of having a ceremony during a gondola ride just felt perfect.

Cole mother’s family is actually from Italy, near Florence, and she has always felt a very strong connection to her Italian heritage: she was very proud and honored to be able to do finally realize her dream.

Cole is originally from Ohio, she moved to Denver in order to live together with Amy, where she grew up. She is a physiotherapist and Amy is the manager of a home healthcare agency, so they both have strong ties to the healthcare industry and feel a deep obligation to care for others. 

Cole shared with me: “The first year we were together, Amy was diagnosed with a brain condition called Chiari, which has symptoms similar to a brain tumor. The second year of our relationship, Amy had a major surgery to treat her condition, and recovery has been difficult and ongoing. I actually had big plans for a proposal that I never got to carry out because Amy was too unwell. This ceremony finally is going to be the grand gesture I always wanted to give her.”

They wanted their wedding to be just the two of them so they could focus solely on the strength of their love and the sincerity of their commitment they were making to one another. 

We had no idea that this “intimate and very private wedding” would have gone on all the Italian newspapers and press!  

March 5th arrived in a blink of an eye and it was such a dreary day…It was definitely not the best weather for a gondola ride. 

The forecast were even worse for the afternoon, when I planned to have the ceremony. 

My hair & make up Eva Fassina arrived in the morning to prepare Amy and it was actually raining. 

By the time she was wearing her beautiful make up and precious hair style, the rain stopped and my team and I were all ready to go. 

The gondola was anticipated at 11,30 and here we were! 

The violin player rushed to the “GONDOLE del GIGLIO” where Maurizio was so kind to quickly prepare the gondola with rope of roses for our special ride. 

I officiated the ceremony which I had written with all my heart. I felt blessed to be able to celebrate such a sincere and beautiful LOVE.

On the notes of “The prayers” they exchanged their vows.  (have a look at the video at the end of the post!! be prepared – very emotional!) Renato Canciani immortalized their emotions and feeling and Alessandro Bordoni recorded the film of their wedding ceremony.

After our time on the water,  we walked together to San Marco square for their photo shooting and we stopped for a celebratory drink at the famous Caffè Florian.

By that time, my telephone was already ringing as the journalists wanted to know everything about the girls and the ceremony.

The gay wedding is one of the hot topic in Italy at the moment, therefore no wonder that everyone wanted to know who-how-what is going on. 

The girls allowed me to tell their story and the importance of the ceremony itself.  VERY PROUD I took part of this unforgettable moment in Amy & Cole ’s lives. 

And here for you the amazing video of that day.

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