Mohammed & Anthony – Gay Proposal in Venice by Ema – Venice Weddings

As soon as Mohammed contacted me via email I realized their proposal was going to be special: Mohammed, originally from Egypt, met Anthony, originally from the US, in London and, because love surprises us every day, they soon fell in love with each other. We were going to organize a lovely Gay Proposal in Venice! 

After our first Skype videocall, Mohammed and I were ecstatic we could work together! He described their story with such unconditional love and deep emotion. Even though they not only are from different countries and have different religions, their feelings had always been so strong that they could go beyond and face any difficulty together.

Anthony moved to the UK in order to be with Mohamed. So Mohammed wanted to do something very special for the love of his life, a special gesture that would have never been forgotten: the idea to organize a proposal in Venice seemed to be perfect, and now I can tell you that he was right!

The couple, joined by two friends, arrived in Venice on a very hot August day of last year: everything was planned and perfectly organized, and with the help of their friends, who were aware of the special day they were going to be part of, Anthony and Mohamed went for a Gondola ride by themselves.

As soon as they arrived closed to the Ponte delle Meraviglie, a very famous bridge and a very romantic spot in Venice, I unrolled a banner with the most important question: “Anthony, will you marry me?”

That moment. Oh that moment!

Anthony was speechless but he soon understood he was not dreaming. Mohammed took Antony’s hand and he put the ring, being surrounded by their friends and many cheerful strangers who gathered there and waited for them to arrive, in order to be part of that special moment.

They were clapping, cheering and congratulating them, while these two lovely souls were hugging and getting very emotional.

At the end everybody was laughing and crying at the same time, it was special moment for them and for me. Because love always wins, no matter who you are, where you are from, the color of your skin, the religion you believe in. Love always win.

Have a look to the video of this sweet proposal in Venice: Mohammed and Antony we love you!

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