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Cem and Pinar are two sweet lovebirds from Turkey. Cem got in contact with me because he wanted to organize a unique wedding proposal in Venice, surprising Pinar with a moment she would never, ever, forget. I’m very happy to share some pictures and the video of that incredible day with you.

At the time Cem was attending a master at one of the most important university in Milan while Pinar was living in Istanbul: he invited Pinar for a romantic weekend in Italy, already planning an amazing proposal for the woman he had always dreamt to be his wife.

For their proposal I thought about something absolutely unique: I asked my friend Romeo, the President of the “Amici del Carnevale” Association to get involved. Amici del Carnevale means “Friends of the Carnival” and the aim of this association is to share the passion and the love for this important historical tradition which is the Carnival in Venice. Romeo, a friend of mine and the best President the Association has ever had (and will ever have!), gathered 30 people, who were wearing the amazing costumes of the Carnival.

Cem was really happy about the idea! He also told me that Pinar loves balloons, so I thought to include many red balloons in their proposal…and this is what happened…

On 3rd of August 2015, 5 o’clock sharp, Cem and Pinar got together on a gondola ride, the gondolier knew that the couple was taking around was one of my “special” couple. So the tour was not quite the same that

usually you can have. The gondola arrived at Punta della Dogana, Cem disembarked first and quickly disappeared behind all the costumes of the Amici del Carnevale, who gathered there in order to receive Pinar.

They were holding red heart shaped balloons and signs written for Pinar such as “Please, follow the people with the masks…there is a surprise for you…” or, as you will see in the video “Believe us…we are preparing a fairy tale for you…”

In the meantime he jumped on a speedy taxi boat that transferred him to an incredible place nearby…the very last spot of land of Venice, waiting there for the love of his life to arrive.

Pinar was in shock, she couldn’t believe that it was happening to her. After a short walk she passed all the people with the costumes and mask and…she saw Cem, standing over there, smiling to

her. She slowly started to walk by herself, shaking and enjoying every step of that walk towards her love. With Ed Sheeran music on, their song, everything was then really perfect for Cem to kneel down

and ask her those magic words: “Will you marry me?”

Cem and Pinar then went for a photoshoot around Venice and at “La Salute” church, with its incredible stairway, surrounded by all the masks.

Smiles, tears, hugs happened, all at the same time. Such a lovely couple that I was incredibly happy to help in organizing something they will never forget: it was like a beautiful frame, an amazing picture of Venice, the masks, San Marco in the background and two beautiful people who love each other.

I’m really happy to share this lovely proposal with you, it was such an amazing day for us: let me thank Cem and Pinar for choosing me and obviously my incredible friends from the Associazione Amici del Carnevale who helped me to make this proposal unforgettable.


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